Substitute Teacher Fired Over Nigerian Lottery Scam

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WCPO in Cincinnati reports that a substitute teacher is out of work and barred from being able to teach in the area. Students had reported that the man was asking students for money, saying he was involved in a Nigerian Lottery scam.

The whole thing started when Jay Deutsch was called to sub at Fairfield Middle School. He reported for work and set about teaching the material on The Crusades. But he varied from the lesson plan that had been left for him, which prompted an Advanced Placement student to complain to another teacher. That teacher listened in on more of the class, then reported what she had heard to school officials. Based on that report, officials escorted Mr. Deutsch out of the school and asked the agency that had provided him to never assign him there again.

A clue about what that second teacher may have heard came days later when students began to tell their parents about the oddball sub teacher. One alleged that he had told a female student that she was "beautiful", in a way that creeped her out.

But some students said that Deutsch had asked them for money, saying that he was involved in a Nigerian Lottery.

In a typical Nigerian Lottery scam, someone is contacted with information that they have won the Nigerian Lottery, a lottery they have in all likelihood never entered. In order to be able to claim their exorbitant winnings, they need only provide a "processing fee", anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars.

Very few people fall for such schemes anymore, but apparently some do, and end up losing their money.

Deutsch says he did not mention anything about a Nigerian Lottery to students. He says that he will not fight his ban from teaching in the area, though.

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