StumbleUpon Subreddit Is Banned, But It Doesn't Have To Be

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Apparently there's not a lot of interest in StumbleUpon community on reddit, but perhaps that's because the Stumbleupon subreddit, at /r/stumblupon has been banned.

It's nothing new. The subreddit has actually been banned for quite some time, and if anyone cares enough, they can probably get it going again. So, in hopes that this article reaches the hardcore StumbleUpon users, this is a message to you. Just because it's banned, doesn't mean it can't be re-created.

A reddit spokesperson tells WebProNews, "The subreddit was created a couple years back and nothing was ever done with it. It got automatically banned by our spam system, and no one has asked for it since."

StumbleUpon subreddit

"People can request control of banned and/or dormant subreddits in /r/redditrequest," he says. "/r/stumbleupon would be handled exactly the same as any other banned/dormant subreddit."

In other words, if you want to start a reddit community about StumbleUpon, go for it. There is a form here, which will allow you to request control of the subreddit.

It's entirely possible that there is no interest in a StumbleUpon subreddit, but it is interesting that there is an active to semi-active subreddit for most other social sites on the web. You'll find subreddits for Facebook and Twitter, of course, as well as for Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Digg, Myspace, etc.

The StumbleUpon subreddit has apparently been banned for two years. StumbleUpon has gone through a lot of changes in that time, so even if there was zero interest back then, who knows at this point? I wonder how much interest there would be if there wasn't a big "banned" message on the destination. Most people that happen to stumble upon this subreddit in the first place (who may have been interested if there was something there) probably won't take the time to actually request control of it and get the community started. If someone were to take it on, would there be enough interest to generate enough content to sustain a small community?

StumbleUpon, while it has plenty of social elements, isn't the most social of social services. Reddit has only gained popularity in the time since the subreddit was banned. Perhaps it would make a good place for StumbleUpon users (of which there are still many) to talk about StumbleUpon. There are still StumbleUpon stories being submitted to reddit. Most aren't getting many upvotes, but they're coming from different users. Perhaps they would do better if they were in a StumbleUpon subreddit.

Chris Crum
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