Students Bitten By Fox In Georgia, Will Be Treated For Rabies

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Two students were bitten by a fox at an elementary school today which has sparked a "fox hunt" in the area for the animal.

The AP reports that two male students were bitten by the fox after the animal found its way onto the playground at Rocky Plains Elementary School in Covington, Georgia. The two boys were immediately rescued by a teacher, and treated for the bites.

Now Newton County Animal Control is searching for the fox to make sure it wasn't rabid. Even if they can't catch the fox, the two boys will be treated for rabies just in case.

It's reported that 50 kindergartners were on the playground at the time of the attack. More could have possibly been bitten if it weren't for the teacher kicking the fox away. Unfortunately for the other schoolchildren, all outdoor activities were canceled after the attack.

It appears that rabid fox attacks are rather common. Here's another attack from three years ago that saw two Georgia men bit:

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