Streaming Music: Amazon To Take On New Streaming Service

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Streaming music is quickly becoming a way of life for many of us, and Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos knows it.

Bezos is now getting ready to form a music streaming service to Amazon, in addition and separate from Amazon Prime.

Bezos has reportedly been holding meetings to pursue licensing of music for the new streaming music service which sources close to the deal say will cost an additional $9.99 per month.

Amazon currently offers music, about one million songs, with the Prime membership. However, Bezos is looking to keep up with the steadily growing demand for streaming music and services like Spotify and Apple.

Back in October, Jeff Bezos was already trying to figure out how to make streaming music work on Amazon as he saw the increase in demand.

He said, "The move to streaming is immense... In an always connected world, it’s the way that people want to interact with music. And it’s just gonna keep growing. I think you’re gonna see changes in the landscape, as artists and labels really understand how best to market in that environment."

He also knew that this was a great additional way for Amazon to help artists to reach their fans.

He said, “if I’m an artist and I want to reach fans of my music, and I recognize that people like to interact with music in different ways, we’re really the only place that touches all of the different formats.”

Are you excited to see what Amazon can do for streaming music?

Lacy Langley

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