Stratasys' New 3D Printing Material Is Super Thin


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When Stratasys merged with Objet in late 2012, it didn't just get a new range of 3D printers to sell to professionals and hobbyists. It also got a company that has continuously innovated in the realm of 3D printer materials. Now the Objet side of Stratasys is back with some new materials that you may find interesting.

In its quarterly video series, Stratasys shared two new 3D printing materials now available to its customers. The first is called Digital ABS Ivory - it's simply a white colored version of its previous Digital ABS Green material. The second material - Digital ABS2 - is far more interesting as it features the same performance as Digital ABS, but can be used to print objects with 1mm thin walls.

Here's a breakdown of the materials:

If you want to learn more about the Digital ABS2 material, check out the below video that's entirely dedicated to it:

Digital ABS and Digital ABS2 are only available on the Objet Connex line of 3D printers. These are materials meant for production-level prototyping, but it doesn't make it any less cool.

[Image: Stratasys/YouTube]