Stowaway Kitten Alive After Two Weeks With No Food

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A 3-month old kitten survived a harrowing journey across the Pacific recently after it got locked in a freight container on a ship, despite being without food or water for about two weeks.

The orange-and-white cat arrived in L.A. after traveling all the way from Shanghai, a trip which can take as long as 21 days, although no one is sure just yet how long the kitten was locked up. It is currently being monitored closely by the Los Angeles County animal control department, who say it has taken food and water well and appears to be gaining strength. The caregivers have named it Ni Hao, which means "hello" in Mandarin Chinese.

Cats are known to be resilient creatures who like to take care of themselves, but this story is still hard to fathom. The lucky cat will stay at the animal shelter until a foster family is found.

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