Store Mannequin Makeover: Back Fat and Saggy Breasts

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It seems those skinny, faceless store mannequins aren't going to be lingering around store fronts anymore. Mannequins everywhere are getting a makeover to resemble the women who are actually purchasing the clothing. Everything from tattoos and wigs to back fat and saggy breasts are being added to the mannequins to give the shopper a more relatable insight into what the clothes they're interested in will actually look like on their bodies.

David's Bridal and American Apparel have taken part in this new movement, adding wider wastes and pubic hair to the models.

"This will give (a shopper) a better idea of what the dress will look like on her," says Michele Von Plato, a vice president at the nation's largest bridal chain.

Forty-two percent of customers recently polled by market research firm NPD Group Inc. say something on a mannequin influences whether they buy it. Do you ever shop with a girlfriend or family member for their opinion? It turns out mannequins ranked just behind friends and family in terms of influence.

Do you think department stores are going a little too far mimicking the physicality of their shoppers or is this a well-invested idea that will add to your personal shopping experience? Leave your comments below.

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