Stocking Stuffers: Last Minute Ideas to Check Off Your Christmas Gift List

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Stocking stuffers are often the last thing we set out to buy, with the irony being they're typically the first thing opened on Christmas morning.

Why do we procrastinate so?

For some reason they don't seem quite as significant as the wrapped gifts under the tree. So why not ramp things up this year, and wow those opening stockings at your house on Christmas Day with some stocking stuffers they'll not soon forget. Then plan ahead for next year, and make stocking stuffers the first thing you buy.

All too often people fill stockings with insignificant items--junk, really--in an effort to fill up the socks. A bit of planning can turn trivial into awesome, and you needn't break the bank either. You can use some of these ideas for your last minute stocking stuffers, too.

Does your stocking recipient drink coffee and have a Keurig coffee maker? Empty a box of a dozen or so K-cups into their stocking.

Everyone secretly loves to gamble. Visit your local convenience store and pick up an array of scratch tickets from your state's lottery. Throw a quarter in the stocking to scratch them off.

Who doesn't love gift cards? They needn't be for an exorbitant amount either. Five dollars to your local coffee drive-thru buys a coffee and a breakfast sandwich at most places.

Think old-fashioned items for the kids. They've likely not seem some of these things. Toss in a deck of cards, a bouncing ball, some dominoes, a ball with jacks, or a new package of crayons. These stocking stuffers might even capture their interest long enough to keep them off the video games for an hour or so.

Stop at your local candy store and ask for decadent items to be individually wrapped. One delicious turtle candy makes a sinful, but oh, so welcome treat. A chocolate Santa on a lollipop stick will be loved by children of all ages.

Use these ideas for last minute stocking stuffers as inspiration for more of your own. Don't forget to buy a little treat for yourself, too.

Kimberly Ripley
Kimberly Ripley is a freelance writer and published author from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. A wife, mom of five and 'Nana' to Lilly and Aiden, she loves cooking for her big family and watching HGTV in her spare time. Kim is guilty of starting way more home design projects than she can finish. Visit her at Twitter and Facebook.