Stiletto Shoe Killer Gets Life in Prison

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A Houston, Texas woman convicted of stabbing her boyfriend to death with a 5.5 inch blue suede stiletto shoe was sentenced to life imprisonment on Friday. Ana Trujillio, 45, cried as a judge upheld the jury's decision, and commented, "I never meant to hurt him. It was never my intent. I loved him. I wanted to get away. I never wanted to kill him." Trujillo had stabbed Alf Stefan Andersson, 59, at least 25 times in the face according to detectives.

The incident took place in Andersson’s ritzy condo, and Trujillo claims she had used the shoe to defend herself during a drunken argument surrounding jealousy. Last Tuesday, jurors were shown the shoe Trujillo used to murder her mate. Ironically, Andersson, who was a University of Houston professor, had purchased the $1500 kicks for Trujillo. Andersson's niece, lva Olofsson, said the family was pleased with the verdict.

"My uncle was a great man. He was kind. He didn't deserve what happened to him. We are happy that justice is served," Olofsson said.

Trujillo’s attorney was unable to peddle a self-defense argument to the jury, especially after prosecutors revealed that only Andersson had shown any signs of defensive wounds. During Trujillo’s initial interrogation, she’d told detectives that Andersson was a heavy drinker and was mentally abusive. She said Andersson had been pestering her into marrying him, and that she eventually grew to care for him, but resisted sleeping with him, as it was akin to “sleeping with my grandfather.”

Prosecutors painted Trujillo, a native of Mexico, as unruly on the night of the stabbing after she and her boyfriend went to a taco joint and had drinks. A cab driver testified that before Andersson's death on June 9, Trujillo was off her rails and screaming during the ride to Andersson's condo.

Andersson, a native of Sweden who became a U.S. citizen, was described as mild-mannered by witnesses, though it was mentioned that he had an alcohol problem. Trujillo herself been arrested for DUI twice in the past, and witnesses described her as being physically violent while drinking.

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