Stiletto-Heel Killing: Woman Convicted Of Murder

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The Stiletto-heel killing case in Texas has ended in conviction. Anna Trujillo, 45, claimed she was acting in self-defense when she bludgeoned her boyfriend, Stefan Andersson, to death with her shoe after a drunken fight.

However, as Andersson, 56, was stabbed in the face and head over two dozen times, the jury thought otherwise. The altercation happened after a night out and a lot of drinking, according to Reuters.

Trujillo seems to have a history of unprovoked violence that did not help her case. The jury heard testimony from James Wells who was Trujillo's occasional lover during the time she was also seeing Andersson.

He said that she once approached him puckered up as if she was going to kiss him, then lashed out and bit him on the scalp. "Then she gave me a crazy look and kind of laughed and said, ‘Ho, ho, ho, you're a dead man,'" he said.

That was just two weeks before the murder of the Andersson, who was a professor at the University of Houston Center for Nuclear Receptor and Cell Signaling, specializing in women's reproductive health.

It took the jury less than 2 hours to return the verdict on Tuesday in the high-profile case. Trujillo's expression didn't change as the verdict was read on Tuesday, but she was said to be shaking a little and taking deep breaths. She had been out on bail, but was taken into custody after the verdict was returned.

Trujillo was overhead speaking in Spanish with some friends, telling them, "I loved him and he was crazy.", according to AP.

The case enters the sentencing phase on Wednesday. Trujillo faces up to life in prison for the conviction. Jack Carroll, Trujillo's attorney, said he was obviously disappointed with the verdict. He said Trujillo was "taking it a little hard but she's pretty tough."

"I'm hoping that they will be merciful in the punishment," Carroll said. He then said that he will ask the judge for a sentence of 2 years.

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