Stiletto-heel Killing: Attack Not Self-Defense

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Stiletto-heel killer Ana Trujillo was convicted Tuesday of murdering her boyfriend, University of Houston professor Stefan Andersson. Her attorney insisted that she was trying to defend herself after the couple got into a drunken altercation after a night on the town.

The proof they offered was testimony from a nurse that examined Trujillo 2 days after her arrest. She stated that she witnessed bruises on Trujillo's legs, buttocks and chest at Harris County Jail during her examination.

However prosecuters said that the injuries were from two weeks prior, when Trujillo had a violent fight with an ex-boyfriend, according to Fox News. She has a history of violence, which was on display earlier in the trial, including testimony from a lover that she saw occasionally while she was dating Andersson.

James Wells testified that Trujillo once approached him sweetly, as if to kiss him, then bit him hard on the scalp. He continued, “Then she gave me a crazy look and kind of laughed and said, ‘Ho, ho, ho, you’re a dead man.’”

The night of the murder, the couple's taxi driver also said that Trujillo was acting crazy and yelling, according to KHOU-TV Houston.

Prosecutor John Jordan disputed the self-defense play during final arguments. "This is not self-defense. This is a vicious murder," he said. Trujillo reportedly knocked Andersson to the ground, sat on his chest, and struck him in the face and head with her shoe until he was dead. And now the prosecution has been proven correct.

The jury took only two hours to come to a decision. The whole time Trujillo's attorney, Jack Carroll, remained confident. "They didn't ask any questions, they all seemed like they were in a good mood," he said. "I thought it was in the bag. I was wrong."

Jurors began deliberation on Wednesday in the sentencing phase of the trial. Trujillo is facing a possible life sentence for murder, although her attorney stated that he intends to ask for 2 years.

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