Stiletto-Heel Killer Convicted Of Murder


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A woman who admitted to stabbing her boyfriend to death with a stiletto shoe heel has been convicted of murder. Ana Trujillo was arguing with her boyfriend Alf Stefan Andersson at his home in Houston, Texas when things escalated and Trujillo took off her shoe and repeatedly beat Andersson with it.

Trujillo's attorneys said that she was acting in self defense, but the prosecution argued that Andersson had defensive wounds on both his hand and wrists while Trujillo had none. Trujillo argued that she did have defensive wounds but that they were not photographed.

Trujillo's defense tried to paint her as a mild-mannered and quiet woman who was a native of Sweden but had become a United States citizen. A cab driver who drove Andersson and Trujillo home from a night club on the night of the murder, said that Trujillo was angry and aggressive during the drive and that she was yelling and lashing out at Andersson.

Trujillo admitted to hitting Andersson with the shoe several times but said that she did not think he was hurt badly until she saw the blood coming from his head. She also claimed that she tried to give Andersson CPR before paramedics arrived to help. When paramedics arrived at Andersson's apartment, they found him lying on the floor in a pool of blood with several bruises and wounds on his face and head. They were not able to save him.

Trujillo's weapon of choice was a size 9, blue, platform pump with a 5 1/2-inch stiletto heel. The shoe was brought to court as evidence. A Houston judge found the 45 year old Trujillo guilty of murder and will deliver her sentencing in the near future. She could serve life in prison for the crime.

Do you think Trujillo was acting in self defense?

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