Stevie Nicks Talks American Horror Story: Coven

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Stevie Nicks has had quite a career as a singer/songwriter. Through her work with Fleetwood Mac, and her own solo career, she has sold over 140 million albums worldwide. Despite her extensive singing career, she says that her appearance on American Horror Story: Coven, is one of the most interesting things that she has ever done.

When Nicks first got the script for the episode she would appear in, she says she was "horrified and terrified". "I got there on Saturday, I got the script on Saturday night. My assistant Karen read it out loud to me," Nicks said. "I was horrified and terrified and scared because it's such a scary thing," Stevie continued. "I was really terrified and scared because I was reading it at Saturday night at two or three in the morning and I was supposed to go in there on Monday and have some idea of what the script had said."

Nicks also took the time to explain the thought behind her role in the show. Lily Rabe's, Misty Day, character is obsessed with Nicks and her music. "[Ryan] saw my music as Lily's muse he saw this as this girl in the swamp, who was obviously raised by wolves or somebody and didn't know anybody and had never met anybody - ever, in her life - and she was just out there in the swamp healing people and animals. And she had an 8-track of a bunch of Fleetwood Mac records and Stevie Nicks records and that's all she listened to. So when she was upset, kind of like we all do, if you're having a bad day, you put on your favorite artist and listen to them and they cheer you up," she explained.

Nicks had previously worked with Ryan Murphy, the series creator, on his other show, Glee. Nicks pitched the idea of a possible cameo on American Horror Story: Coven, not realizing that she would quickly be on a plane headed to the set for filming her part. "'If you want me to just do a walk-thru, I can wear a really long black dress and look stunningly tall and fantastic,'" she told Ryan. "The next thing I know, I'm going to New Orleans."

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan informs us that Nicks will be back for another episode, although he doesn't give us much inside into the episode.

"We have Stevie for another," Ryan said. "Stevie will be in episode 10 and then we have Stevie for another one, doing an idea that she came up with that I thought was too perfect to say no to. Hilariously, Stevie read some of the scripts and called up and said “Are you aware that one of the things you’re doing I actually wrote a song about?” I’m like, “You’ve got to be kidding.” Then I remembered the song. We have something cool that was her idea."

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