Steven Spielberg Makes a Cameo in SNL Laser Cats Skit

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If you've watched Saturday Night Live over the past few years, chances are you're already painfully familiar with the program's Digital Shorts, a series of short films created by Lonely Island masterminds Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer and Andy Samberg. The segments were instrumental in helping SNL retain its hold on the public consciousness during a period when the program was starting to lose its footing.

Although the previously-aired "Laser Cats" skits were amusing in their own right, none of them featured acclaimed director Steven Spielberg in a surprisingly hilarious self-aware cameo. The shorts, a parody of low-budget sci-fi motion pictures involving felines who possess the ability to fire lasers from their mouths, are simply okay at-best, though none of the previous entries featured the aforementioned filmmaker pitching an idea for his own "Laser Cats" movie.

In true Saturday Night Live fashion, the segment showcases parodies of several Spielberg movies, including such notable efforts as "E.T.", "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", and "Jurassic Park", as well as other easily recognizable productions spearheaded by the award-winning filmmaker.

The clip opens with Bill Hader and Andy Samberg attempting to convince SNL creator Lorne Michaels that the time is right for another "Laser Cats" segment. When he balks at the idea, Spielberg promptly enters the scene, resulting in the clip you see embedded below. Unfortunately, individuals attempting to view the video outside of the US may have considerable trouble doing so, as the clip is hosted by Hulu and NBC.

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