Steve Wozniak Met DMX in an Airport and Yes, There's a Video, Thank God

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Ok, so TMZ was hanging out in an airport just waiting to catch some celebrity doing something. It's not like this is a rare occurrence or anything, but I know - some of you probably have some pretty strong feelings about this and other tactics employed by celeb-centric news organizations.

Once again, I know. But LOOK - they caught DMX and Steve Wozniak first bumping!

They planned a robbery? Can we please turn that into a buddy comedy? Did you see that brief look of wtf on DMX's face when the TMZ reporter started mentioning the Apple II? Yeah, I'm going to assume that DMX had no goddamned idea what he was talking about, considering DMX isn't too keen on the "google" or the "blogging" either.

Still. Great minds, man, great minds.

I want you to know that the above photo of Steve Wozniak is now my second favorite photo of Steve Wozniak. Segway Woz will always hold a special place in my heart. Love you, Woz.


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