Steve Jobs Had Grand Plans For iPhone Camera

Mike TuttleTechnology

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Steve Jobs believed that people should "Think different." His vision for Apple has changed the way the world works. But, Jobs had plans just prior to his death to make a leap forward in one particular area.

Jobs didn't just want to improve the camera on the iPhone, he wanted a completely new kind of camera altogether. To that end, he contacted photography company Lytro about the very different technology they were building into their products.

Lytro's "Light Field Camera" products handle light differently than most cameras. They capture the entire light field, not just a single pane of light in a shutter snap. In this way, you capture a moment with the camera, then decide after the fact what gets focus.

Jobs saw this technology as perfect for the iPhone and pursued getting his people together with Lytro's people before he died.

Mike Tuttle
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