Steve Irwin Remembered by Daughter Bindi Irwin During 'Dancing With the Stars' Rehearsal

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Steve Irwin, also known as the Crocodile Hunter, died back in 2006, when his daughter Bindi Irwin was just eight years old. Bindi, now 17, is one of this season's contestants on Dancing With the Stars. It was during a recent dance rehearsal that she shared her memories of her late dad.

It was while planning for this coming Monday night's episode that Bindi started reminiscing. Called "Hometown Glory" night, Monday will find dancers recalling places that shaped who they are today.

Bindi will dance to a song she and her late father danced to at the Australia Zoo. For Bindi and Steve Irwin, that was their hometown.

"My hometown will always remind me of dad," Bindi Irwin said during DWTS rehearsal, preparing for Monday's performance.

She added that her time with Steve Irwin made her "genuinely so, so happy."

Before this season of Dancing With the Stars premiered, Bindi called her dad her "superhero."

"I think for me, Dad will always be my superhero," she said of the late Steve Irwin. "You know, everything I do in life is to make him proud and to carry on his legacy, and so I really am dedicating this entire—however long I'm able to make it—to him, to my family, to other people who are in a similar position. You know, after you lose a person like that, you feel like the sun will never shine again, but it will, and it may not shine as brightly, but you have to find that light in everything that you do. I feel like this experience, getting to work with Derek and the beautiful people on this show, has really been such a bright place for me, and I'm excited to focus all of my energy on doing the best job possible."

Bindi Irwin, who is paired with dance pro Derek Hough, has already won the hearts of Dancing With the Stars fans, and there's only been one week of competition thus far. Not only is she charming on the dance floor, her innocence, honesty, and natural beauty makes those who meet or watch her simply love her.

Steve Irwin would be so proud to see his little girl all grown up on this dance competition show. Bindi will no doubt spend a lifetime making sure no one forgets her amazing dad.

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