Steve Carell Returning For 'The Office' Finale After All?


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As the finale of The Office approaches, speculation is growing on where the show's characters will end up and what the ending will be for what was once the most popular comedy on network TV.

As a major part of the show's success before leaving in 2011, it seemed like a given that Steve Carell would return to reprise his role as ineffectual manager Michael Scott. However, last week The Office Executive Producer Greg Daniels stated that Carell will not be a part of the show, saying that Carell felt it wouldn't fit the character.

Now, however, the rumor of Carell's return is back, despite the denial. TVLine is reporting that Daniels' statement was a ruse, and that Michael Scott will, in fact, be making a cameo in the final episode of The Office. The publication's unnamed sources have stated that his appearance in the episode will be very brief.

It seems only fitting that Carell should be seen in the series' finale. His character was one of the most important on the show, a linchpin that held The Office together. Despite Will Ferrell coming on as the big-name replacement for Carell in the show's seventh season, ratings for The Office have fallen since the departure of Michael Scott.