Stephen Belafonte Claims He Never Abused Mel B

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Stephen Belafonte, husband of former Spice Girl Mel B, says rumors that he abused his wife are simply not true. Fox News reports that Belafonte wasn't even aware that the media was reporting the two had split up.

“No one has accused me of anything,” Belafonte said in a recent interview.

Mel B, who is a judge on the UK version of The X-Factor, missed the show's finale because she was ill and was rushed to the hospital. Upon her return, fans noticed she had scratches and bruises on her arms. She also wasn't wearing her wedding ring.

Stephen Belafonte says no one has formally accused him of physically harming Mel B. He added that her hospital stay was due to an illness and not abuse.

“Who accused me of it?” he asked. “Did she accuse me of it, the police the hospital, who accused me of it? I thought when you beat someone up the police or the hospital or the person you beat up says it.”

“I had nothing to do with hurting my wife. I did not touch Mel. I wasn’t cheating of anything. There was no girl involved," he added.

Stephen Belafonte took to Twitter last week to defend himself from rumors stating he had physically abused Mel B. He also confirmed that he has returned to L.A. and is accompanied by the couple's nanny. Mel B and Belafonte share a three-year-old daughter named Madison. Mel B has yet to comment on any of these rumors or reports.

Incidentally, Stephen Belafonte was charged with physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend Nicole Contreras back in 2007. He denies this as well.

Do you think Mel B is the victim of physical abuse and if so, is it at the hands of her husband, Stephen Belafonte?

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