Stephanie March Lives on Cereal Since Bobby Flay Divorce, Judge Slams Her for Small Potatoes

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Stephanie March admits she isn't eating as well as she was accustomed while married to Food Network chef Bobby Flay.

The Law & Order: SVU actress and the celebrity chef split up in March after 10 years of marriage. Their divorce was final in July.

During an interview with Extra earlier this week, Stephanie March dished about her cooking skills–or lack thereof.

“I thought I would have to learn to cook, because I’m not really a very good cook and I thought, ‘I’m going to have to pick up a few tricks.’ But as it turns out, I go out a lot, so looks like I don’t have to,” she said. “My toast is amazing. My cereal is incredible.”

This is the first time Stephanie March has addressed the media since her divorce.

“Business is good, I have great friends, I love my new place, it’s really a good time in my life,” she said.

March admits it was difficult seeing her name splashed across the tabloid headlines during her divorce.

“It’s not pleasant to see your private life out there, but, you know, I consider myself pretty lucky,” she said. “I am by no means the only person to ever go through this and I’m very cognitive of that, and I have a wonderful support network of really good friends and really good family so I don’t spend a lot of time feeling sorry for myself about it.”

Stephanie March apparently didn't think of that before hauling Bobby Flay back into court on Wednesday in what the judge called "small potatoes" and a case of "revenge.

March filed a motion earlier in November, demanding $105,000 from Bobby Flay for moving expenses and her appearances in a few Food Network videos.

"Sounds like the kind of case that should be in small claims court," Manhattan Supreme Justice Matthew Cooper said on Wednesday.

"This is about Mr. Flay pushing my client around not honoring the terms of the agreement," Stephanie March's lawyer, Nicholas Cohen, said.

Flay's lawyer, Jeremy Betthels, called March’s claims acts of retaliation.

"This is not really about the agreement, it's not about justice, it's about revenge,” Betthels said.

Stephanie March will no doubt be eating a lot more toast and cereal in the coming months. Not only is she a self-admitted unskilled cook, she likely isn't getting that $105,000 from Bobby Flay either.

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