Staten Island Pizza Shop Owner Bites Mans Ear


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I swear this is how it started in "Dawn of the Dead" didn't it? A couple of stories here and there. Like a man eating another mans face in Miami, and a man eating another man's brain and heart in Baltimore?

Well, now we get the story of a pizza shop owner in Saten Island New York City who bit another mans ear. Apparently it all started because of a change to the TV station on the TV that hangs in a local diner. A former waitress who was hanging out there became angry and her and the man got into an argument.

It was then that the owner of the pizza shop, Thomas Tomasello, got in his face and started screaming at him. Then the victim, Nicholas Cacace, did the stupid thing and started to taunt Tomasello. This is the part of the story that I neither understand or believe but it is what was reported so here we go. Cacace then went outside to smoke and was follwed out by shop owner Tomasello who proceeded to bite the mans ear.

Tomasello was arrested and charged with second- and third-degree assault charges and was released on $1,000 bail. He will have to appear in court in August. Maybe homeland security knew something we didn't when they bought 450 million bullets. The zombie apocalypse 2012 is underway!

Picture courtesy of flickr