Stassi Schroeder's Sex Tape Sparks 'Epic Argument' During Vanderpump Rules Reunion

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Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder seems to be itching to tell off “frenemy” Scheana Marie Jancan for spreading rumors about a masturbation video she made.

During the second part of the taping of Vanderpump Rules reunion episode, Schroeder and Jancan had an “epic argument” and Schroeder felt compelled to address the tell-tales. She admitted to making her own self-pleasure video which she sent to a male friend “a couple of years ago”.

End of story, not.

Talk about airing your own dirty laundry. Schroeder clearly did not like other people twisting her panties, so she decided to do it herself.

Schroeder’s sex tape was allegedly sent to several media outlets. She accused 29-year-old Jancan of leading a group of “frenemies” in distributing the video.

Although assumed to be widely circulated, Schroeder’s filmed masturbation never surfaced for public consumption. All she had to do is keep quit about the video and let the rumors die its natural death.

TMZ reports that Bravo honcho Andy Cohen was speechless when he heard the starlets’ not-so-little secret.

"Would I be surprised if she left? No. Things did not go smoothly during the reunion taping. I think she was kind of done," Andy Cohen said during an episode of Ask Andy.

Fashion blogger Schroeder has been a cast member of Vanderpump Rules since its premier in 2013. She began a romantic relationship with radio host Patrick Meagher after contacting the sports program presenter on Twitter. She then moved to New York to be with her boyfriend at the end of Season 2.

Schroeder traveled back to LA for Vanderpump Rules Season 3 but had fewer appearances on the show. However, she made her presence felt by getting into heated arguments with other cast members.

Vanderpump Rules reunion episode will hit TV screens on Monday night.

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