Starhawk Will Feature Splitscreen Multiplayer!

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A huge complaint for a lot of gamers has been the nearly complete disappearance of split screen multiplayer. Some games have it, but do not do it well, a few games have it and do it the right way. Starhawk is joining the bunch that is doing it the right way! Thats right,

Starhawk will feature splitscreen multiplayer!

You are going to be able to play the game in split screen mode with two separate gamer tags! Warhawk had 4 player split screen but the developers felt that not enough people used that feature so they decided to concentrate on making the 2 player split screen as good as they could get it.

Unfortunately if you’re player two, you can’t earn trophies or character customizations (outfits, paint jobs, decals) as these are saved directly to the PS3. "It's not perfect," say the developers, "But it’s way better than Warhawk where Player Two couldn’t level up at all."

Starhawk is the successor of the fairly popular online only game Starhawk. I'm not quite sure if Starhawk was popular because it was multiplayer or because it came with a bluetooth headset. Warhawk really suffered because around the time it was released, Call of Duty 4 came out. And that game pretty much took the steam out of everything.

Starhawk incorporates two of my favorite hobbies: industrial design and blowing people up with big guns. 4 days ago via TweetDeck ·  Reply ·  Retweet ·  Favorite · powered by @socialditto

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