Star Wars: The Old Republic is Now a Free-to-Play MMO


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Star Wars: The Old Republic, EA and Bioware's MMO set in a galaxy far, far away, has officially gone free-to-play. Subscriptions to the game are still available, and provide many of the benefits free players will have to pay for in microtransactions.

Players who choose to play for free can experience all of the leveling experiences for each class in the game, which makes up a large majority of it's content. After reaching 50, however, things get a bit more difficult. Players will have to pay to access flashpoints and operations, and will be limited in the number of multiplayer matches they can participate in each week. In addition, there are items and armor that can only be used by subscribers or by buying a pass.

Of course, items are also available for asthetic purposes. Armor sets, pets, vehicles, and character animations are all available. All of the purchases will be made through the game's new Cartel Market using Cartel Coins. The coins are available for purchase with real money on the Old Republic website, but subscribers will get a monthly stipend of them.

In addition to the new items available for purchase, Bioware has added some new content to the game. One of the existing operations, "Explosive Conflict," now has a new Nightmare difficulty mode. New daily missions are also available on the planet Belsavis, one of which leads to a galaxy-spanning treasure hunt in pursuit of a new HK-51 companion. The new daily missions are not accessible without a purchased pass or subscription.