Star Wars: Episode VII Cast, Names Still Not Known

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Star Wars: Episode VII has been cast and filming has begun says Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn. Fans everywhere are anticipating its release so they can either love it or hate it, but the film itself has had its share of ups and downs just getting started.

The screenplay, co-written by genius J.J. Abrams, has had some bumps in the road to completion and perfection. “It’s all about the screenplay,” Horn said. “It has to be screenplay, screenplay, screenplay.”

When Horn was asked by The Hollywood Reporter's Steve Galloway if the screenplay was now where it needed to be, he said, “It actually is now.”

Whew! On with the show.

As far as the anticipated casting goes, Horn said, “We have a lot of them [in place],” about the main actors, whose names have yet to be revealed. “We’re just not completely done yet.”

Speculation surrounding the casting has run rampant since Disney's announcement of the acquiring of the incredibly famous franchise, including rumors that J.J. Abrams has insisted on using unknowns. However, nothing has been announced or even announced when it will be announced.

Also in the interview, curiously Horn revealed that the U.S. has WAY more theaters than the rest of the world. Does that mean we have more time on our hands than the rest of the world? Not surprising, but good for us! China holds the spot at #2, and growth there is fast.

“China is now the No. 2 market after the United States. But just to give you some perspective, there’s 44,000 screens in the U.S. and Canada; in the U.K. there’s 4,000, Italy 4,000, Spain 4,000, France 4,800, Mexico 5,000. China has 18,000 now [for] 1.3 billion people -- 18,000 screens. We have one-quarter as many people and 44,000 screens. And they’re building 10 screens a day in China. It is a major new growth market.”

There are a lot of screens to show Star Wars: Episode VII on when it comes out, which is scheduled as of now for December 2015.

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