Star Wars Assault Team Out Today On Mobile Devices


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When it comes to Star Wars games, you generally think of titles like Jedi Knight or Rogue Squadron. In other words, action games that reward quick thinking over drawn out strategy. Disney is experimenting with turn based combat in the latest Star Wars game to hit mobile devices.

Star Wars Assault Team, out today on mobile devices, tasks players with building a team with characters from the movies. Players will then use that team to take on enemies from the films as well as other players from around the world. Combat is turn-based and uses Heroes (i.e. cards) with special abilities to attack and defend. In short, it's a trading card game with Star Wars characters.

While it doesn't sound particularly exciting, fans of old school dungeon crawlers might enjoy it. The game is entirely in first-person and has players traversing dungeons, fighting enemies and finding treasure. If you enjoyed Wizardry back in the day, Star Wars Assault Team might be up your alley.

Of course, Star Wars Assault Team is your usual free-to-play game. While the game can technically be completed without paying a dime, it strongly encourages you to buy in-game items to get more powerful heroes and in-game currency. If you do decide to play it, just be aware that you may have to spend some money to get the most out of it.

Star Wars Assault Team is out now on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Image via GamesNewsOfficial/YouTube