Star Trek Actor Seeks Help For Reading Rainbow


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Quick question: Do you have $1?

Chances are that you do.

Believe it or not, that one buck is more than enough to make a huge difference in a wonderful campaign.

LeVar Burton, the actor best known for playing Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge on Star Trek, recently began a kickstarter campaign to bring back another show dear to his heart: Reading Rainbow.

The hit show aired on PBS from June 1983 until November 2010.

During that time it was credited with helping multiple generations foster a love of reading.

It's been a few years since the show was cancelled, but clearly the enthusiasm attached to RR remains.

On Wednesday, the Kickstarter was launched to bring back Reading Rainbow.

Burton and those attached to the project were asking for just $1 million to bring RR to the worldwide web in an online series.

To their amazement, the Kickstarter fund exceeded that amount within the first 24 hours. Twice.

The project runners initially hoped to reach this modest goal within 35 days. To say they underestimated the nostalgic impact of the Kickstarter fund is an understatement.

Now they've re-adjusted their goal to $5 million with new ideas and possibilities attached to the project, including making RR available on multiple platforms.

Yet another adjusted goal may be necessary as the Kickstarter fund gathers steam. The third day of the Kickstarter program isn't over yet and already $3.1 million dollars (and counting) has been raised. Nearly 70,000 individuals have donated thus far.

The overwhelming success of this campaign should demonstrate how close Reading Rainbow is to the hearts of many.

Predictably, not everyone is convinced that this project is on the level. One Washington Post author landed in hot water with an article that seems to suggest that this Reading Rainbow project is little more than a scam.

Her logic seems to be based on the idea that they've already made more than enough for a new season of the show on PBS.

The problem is that not too many people watch PBS in 2014.

Put Reading Rainbow on the web and the program can and will reach a far wider audience.

If you decide to give your last $1 to something, why not give it a project that aims to fight childhood illiteracy?

Image via Wikimedia Commons