Star Trek 2016 Screenplay Draft Complete


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Star Trek: Into Darkness may have been the biggest disappointment for trekkies since Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, but the latest Star Trek movie topped the box office and proved that J.J. Abrams' action-movie vision of Trek does hold some appeal for a wider movie audience. With these factors in mind, fans of the franchise are both bracing themselves for another disaster and clinging to the hope that Paramount hasn't fully abandoned what made Star Trek popular in the first place.

Luckily for Star Trek fans, the next movie will have the benefit of a new director that might be able to capture the spirit of the franchise. It was recently announced that Abrams will be stepping aside to focus on the new Star Wars movies, allowing Roberto Orci to take control of Trek. Orci was a co-writer of the two recent Star Trek reboot movies and has written for other movies such as Mission: Impossible III and Transformers.

Orci recently stirred a bit more hype for the 13th Star Trek movie by confirming that his first draft for the next movie is already complete. Earlier this month Orci took to the comments section of a article about himself to deflect criticism that he may not be taking Trek seriously. In one comment Orci wrote that "p & m & I wrote,'fade out' yesterday on first draft. things are moving," referring to his co-writers, John D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

Orci later confirmed this comment with TrekMovie, stating that the first draft for the third Star Trek reboot movie is now complete. He also stated that shooting on the movie is expected to start in spring 2015. This news means that the next Star Trek movie is on-schedule to hit the 2016 release date that Paramout has pinned to the project.

Orci has also recently reassured fans that the next movie will be closer to the original series and set in deep space. For Trek fans this might offer hope, though the pain of Into Darkness is likely to keep most of them skeptical.

Image via Paramount/Facebook