Star Fox Gets A Fan Film Because Nintendo Isn't Making A New Game Anytime Soon


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You better give up on a new Star Fox game coming anytime soon. Nintendo seems about as interested in resurrecting the franchise as it is in resurrecting the Metroid franchise. In short, it's not going to happen unless Platinum Games convinces Nintendo to let them make it.

As you slowly wipe your tears, just know that fans' collective love for Star Fox is still strong. Even after Star Fox Adventures broke their spirits, they continued on in the hopes that Nintendo would give them a game just like Star Fox 64. Barring the 3DS remake, no such hope has arrived just yet.

But wait, what's that? Off in the distance, a brief glimmering shard of hope has arrived in the form of Star Fox: Invasion - a fan film created by Warialasky. While it's not a new game, it keeps the hope alive among the Star Fox faithful that one day Nintendo will create something even half as awesome as this.

But really, Platinum Games better be making a new Star Fox game.

Image via Warialasky/YouTube