Staged Kidnap Led To Missing Teen's Murder

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A staged kidnapping led to the alleged accidental death of 15-year old Nichole cable, authorities say.

Cable met 20-year old Kyle Dube on Facebook and arranged to meet him near her house, never knowing that his intentions were far from innocent; Dube says his plan was to kidnap her, then pretend to find her so he would be a hero. Now, Cable's mother wants to warn parents about the dangers of social media.

A friend of Dube's, Bryan Butterfield, told police that Dube set up a fake Facebook page in Butterfield's name to lure Nichole into his trap; initially, he made sexual advances on the girl but was rejected. Now he says he wore a ski mask in a wooded area, waited for Nichole to come along, and grabbed her to bind her with duct tape. He claims he later realized she'd died, although officials haven't announced what the cause of death was.

Cable went missing on May 13th, but her body wasn't found until a week later in the wooded area because Dube dumped it in an attempt to hide it. He later told his girlfriend where he left it, however, and she reported it to police.

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