Stacy Keibler Says No To Donuts While Pregnant Over Instagram


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Actress, model, wrestler, and mom-to-be Stacy Keibler has become a champion of fitness and health during her first pregnancy. Not only does her healthy lifestyle help her and her baby, but it has increased her status as a pregnant celebrity.

So much so, places like US Weekly are asking her advice.

"I really truly believe that pregnancy is not a time to have an excuse to eat donuts," Keibler told them, "[Pregnancy] is a time to be as healthy as you can be and build the foundation for your baby. I think that you should be even more conscious of what you're doing."

They interviewed her Thursday at baby boutique Bel Bambini in West Hollywood. According to their website, Bel Bambini is "a high-end baby boutique that also serves as a resource for maternity through the first years of motherhood."

These aren't just empty words from a former wrestling diva. Her Instagram page has been filled with pictures of her keeping healthy during pregnancy. One post shows off her " #sugarfree #glutenfree #dairyfree banana bread muffins" while others give more specific pregnancy tips.

"Did you know you can tell produce is #organic just from the barcode? If the sticker has a number that begins with 9, there are no #GMOs!" she wrote for a caption of some organic apples. In another she champions the consumption of ghee: "Healthy fats help feed your baby's growing nervous system. Try drizzling #ghee over your popcorn or add a heaping to your cauliflower mash! #healthybaby #pregnancytips"

Food isn't the only topic she discusses. Fitness is on the plate too: "Stretching your obliques is key during pregnancy. I devote at least 15 minutes each day to stretching! #fitpregnancy #pregnancytip"

The use of Instagram in her pregnancy has been fitting. After all she announced the baby over the site just a few months ago:

Image via Stacy Keibler, Instagram