Stacey Dash Suspended For Vulgarity On Fox's 'Outnumbered'

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Another Fox correspondent is receiving backlash for using inappropriate language on air, and this time around, it’s former actress Stacey Dash.

During a live episode of the Fox daytime news and talk show Outnumbered, panelists discussed President Obama’s address regarding the recent shooting in San Bernardino and the government’s measures to fight terrorism, which he delivered from the Oval Office on Sunday.

This Speech By Pres. Obama Drew Strong Reactions From Stacey Dash And Ralph Peters

Regular panelist Andrea Tantaros kicked off the discussion by commenting on Obama’s seeming insincerity about the gravity of the country’s terrorism situation because of his decision to change immediately into a tuxedo “in haste” to attend another event afterwards.

Fellow panelist Lisa Kennedy weighed in on the issue and criticized the Obama administration for “fixing” the president’s official speech transcript by changing the fact that one of the two suspects, Tashfeen Malik, entered the United States on a “visa waiver” as opposed to a fiancée visa – a detail that was stated in the speech.

Stacey Dash – who is a semi-regular panelist on the show – proceeded to call the president’s speech “ridiculous” and an “epic fail,” comparing Obama to a teenager who “has to go to dinner with their parents but they have to go to a party afterwards.”

After declaring that the speech lacked passion and sincerity, Stacey Dash became emotional and accidentally cursed on live TV.

“I felt like he could give a s**t — excuse me, like he could care less,” she said.

Watch Stacey Dash Get Censored For Cursing On Daytime TV

Stacey Dash has since been suspended from the network for two weeks because of the offense.

However, she isn’t the only one who got penalized for using vulgar language on TV. During a December 7 broadcast of Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network, retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters made a strong comment on the same Obama speech.

Retired Army Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Uses Profanity In Another Fox Show

"We want you to react, do something. You're afraid," Peters said about the president’s reaction towards the recent terrorist attacks. "I mean, this guy is such a total p***y, it's stunning, and you know, we want — we the people, the American people who he does not know in any intimate sort of manner, we want action.”

Like Stacey Dash, Lt. Col. Peters was also given a two-week suspension from the network.

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