Squirrel Causes $300K Damage To New Community Center

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A squirrel caused $300k in damages to the new McMillen Community Center facility in Fort Wayne, Indiana. On April 1st, the squirrel found its way into the newly renovated Center's electrical system, frying the three new HVAC systems, some parts of the boiler system, as well as the squirrel.

Fortunately, Parks Director Al Moll said that the massive damage will be covered by insurance, however, they will have to come up with the $50,000 deductible. Ouch.

The new Center was set to open June 1st and another Parks employee, Steve McDaniel, said that the HVAC people were scrambling to get the systems up in time. Hopefully they can make it in time, as the opening of the new facility is looked forward to by those looking for a great way to beat the summer heat that is expected.

The large new McMillen Community Center was formerly known as the McMillen Ice Arena. The arena closed in 2009, and after $4.5 million dollars in renovations, will be reborn as a huge space housing many multipurpose spaces for fun stuff. For example, there will be spaces with turf for indoor soccer or football. There will also be basketball courts and and an indoor track.

There will also be spaces for private events where alcohol will be permitted, but only with private events. There must be a bartender and hired security.

Wow, every town should have something like this! Time will tell if the Center will be able to open on time, but if it can, the kids of Fort Wayne are sure to have a great summer.

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