Squirrel Causes $300,000 In Damages

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Squirrels are known for destroying bird feeders and gardens and even scavenging through animal food, but would you ever imagine that one squirrel could cause $300,000 in damage? That is what the owners of the new McMillen Community Center claim happened. The center was supposed to open on June 7 of this year, but now faces setbacks due to the damage.

The squirrel tried to make its home in the electric system of the center and chewed up many of the wires, causing a power surge that damaged the HVAC systems and damaged some parts of the boiler system.

Unfortunately, the squirrel did not survive the incident and was found dead in the electrical system. It was likely electrocuted during the incident.

Luckily, the McMillen park’s insurance will cover most of the damage. The park will still need to pay the deductible fee which is around $50,000. The park officials have also called the HVAC team that built the system and they are hoping to have it reinstalled and repaired in time to open in June.

The McMillen Community Center is something that residents have been anxiously awaiting. The center will include a track, basketball courts, indoor soccer field and numerous other activities. The entire project is estimated to cost about $4.5 million.

In addition to offering activities for the community, the center will also serve alcohol and host special events such as concerts, seminars and sporting events. There are strict rules concerning the service and consumption of alcohol at the center and the City Council is still waiting to approve it. The center was built to replace the ice skating rink that was closed in 2009.

Meanwhile, the center is focusing on getting their repairs made in time and hopefully opening in June as close to the originally planned opening date as possible. They are also thinking of new ways to keep squirrels out of the center and the electrical systems.

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