Spike Lee Almost Brained By Yankee Mark Teixeira

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Sports events can be dangerous things, even when you're just sitting in the stands; just ask director Spike Lee.

Lee was taking in a Yankees game with his son on this weekend when Mark Teixeira slammed the ball and accidentally flung his bat as he swung, throwing it up into the stands; it narrowly missed Lee, but ended up hitting his son between the shoulder blades. Luckily no one was hurt, and Lee grabbed the bat and claimed it as his own. He later had Teixeira autograph it.

Apparently some viewers thought Lee stole the bat from the eager hands of a kid, as evidenced on his Twitter page:

All is well, however, as Lee cleared up that there was no child grabbing for the bat and that it now belongs to his son. He later thanked Teixeira for the autograph.

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