Sphinx Destruction Imminent If One Man Has His Way

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For years, the Sphinx and various pyramids around Egypt have offered few clues as to their origin; it has been up to us to decipher how the magnificent structures were built in ancient times and why they are such perfect examples of construction...and why they are still standing today, thousands of years later. They still draw tourists, archaeologists, and locals who wish to pay their respects every day; however, that could all change if one man has his say.

Morgan Al-Gohary, a radical jihadi sheikh, says he would destroy the Sphinx and the pyramids without hesitation if he could, in order to rid the Earth of what he calls "pagan idols". Unfortunately, Al-Gohary has already succeeded in destroying other artifacts, such as the Bamyan Buddhas in Afghanistan, and says he would have no hesitation when it came to taking down the famous Egyptian monuments despite the fact that many think they were placed there for all of mankind, and not just for one religion.

"Everything, if it is a pagan statue or idol, that is worshiped or suspected to be worshipped, or is worshipped by one person on Earth, must be destroyed. We, or someone else, must destroy it," he said in a recent television interview. He added that "all Muslims are charged with applying the teachings of Islam to remove such idols."

"You don't know the history of your country well," writer Nabil Sharaf Al-Din, who was also a guest of the show, said. "Those pharaohs were the first to know religion in the world. The Sphinx and the pyramids are mankind's heritage and not the property of Egyptians alone. They are the property of all mankind."

Al-Gohary still sticks by his belief; however, he is not the first extremist to announce a demolition plan for the structures. A few before him have tried to take down the Sphinx and have failed, becoming the stuff of legends as word of mouth traveled quickly in ancient times that devastating floods and plagues would stop and destroy the person who tried to tamper with the monuments.

Amanda Crum
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