Sophie Trudeau: White House Prepares For State Visit Of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau And His Wife

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Sophie Trudeau has some big fashion decisions to make this week.

As the White House prepares for Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Trudeau, every detail is being delicately handled and the finishing touches are undoubtedly being checked off.

But, while a White House state visit is a big affair, some might be wondering just what Sophie Trudeau will wear to the state dinner.

After all, Sophie Trudeau's mother-in-law, Margaret Trudeau, caused such a stir with her fashion choices when she visited with her husband and former prime minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, in 1977.

In fact, Margaret Trudeau, a few decades younger than her husband, caused tongues to wag when she wore a dress that was cut two inches below the knee when First Lady Rosalynn Carter and other female guests wore floor-length gowns.

Oh, and there was a run in her hose that made her dress look "racy."

In answer to the wide-spread criticism, she wore a skin-tight, even shorter dress the next night.

The state visit is not just about Sophie Trudeau's dress choice, though.

It's a big deal for Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama, who share similar beliefs and policies. The two have even become friends since Trudeau's election.

National Security Council Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Mark Feierstein said on Tuesday, “I think there is a developing special relationship between this president and the prime minister. Both are young leaders with similar visions. Both have a progressive vision of governing. Both are very much committed to the appropriate use of multilateral tools. Both are committed to diversity.”

He added, “I think we’re seeing that reflected, for example, on the issues of climate change and refugees and other issues. So this will be a good opportunity for the President and Prime Minister to expand that relationship and build on that.”

What do you think will be the highlight of Justin and Sophie Trudeau's visit?

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