Sophia Loren Book Reveals Bigamy Past

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When sex symbol Sophia Loren was only 15 years old, she fell in love with a man 22 years her senior. His name was Carlo Ponti, and they would eventually marry and stay married for 50 years. They had two children together. Since Ponti's death in 2007, Loren has said that he is irreplaceable.

But that is not all of the story about Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti. The rest of the story is that, when they were married, Ponti was still married to another woman. In fact, the couple had to have their storybook marriage annulled once to keep from being charged with bigamy.

The trouble all came about because Carlo Ponti had indeed been married, but was no longer with his wife. However, at the time he married Loren, in 1957, Italy's laws did not recognize divorce. Ponti and Loren had to go to France and become citizens for him to be able to finally get a legal divorce.

The two then married again in France and remained so until Ponti's death at the age of 94.

This story and many like it are part of Sophia Loren's new tell-all book, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: My Life as a Fairy Tale. In it, she talks about her love life, her childhood in poverty without a father, and the many stars she crossed paths with along her career.

Loren's publisher says, “Her long awaited memoir gives her many fans a glimpse of the woman who has left her mark on an era — from the challenges of growing up poor and hungry in wartime Italy to the flowering of her career and the joys of being a mother and grandmother.”

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