SOPA: Google, Today Show Discuss Legislation


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In a rare move for mainstream broadcast news, Google had a chance to talk about SOPA and their opinion on it.

This morning on The Today Show, Marissa Mayer, VP of Product Management for Google, took to the show to talk about a new Google Doodle contest for K-12 students. Before they got to that though, the cast of Today took the first minute to talk about SOPA and Google’s protest of it.

Since it’s been hard to get any mainstream coverage on SOPA, it was surprising to see it being talked about this morning. Unfortunately, Today never took time out to talk about it in depth and of course, they had to give their owner’s (Comcast) weighted opinion on the legislation.

Still it’s impressive that a mainstream news network owned by a supporter of SOPA, and one that’s watched by millions of Americans every morning, would talk about the controversial legislation.

In other encouraging news, The Today Show’s top headline is about Wikipedia going dark in protest of SOPA.

Stay tuned for more on the SOPA blackout throughout the day.

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