Sony's Until Dawn Gets a Halloween Trailer


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Here's yet another horror video game trailer to celebrate everyone's favorite candy-filled holiday. Sony today released another look at its upcoming "teen horror" game Until Dawn.

Don't be too scared, though. Where the Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs and Outlast trailers highlight some of the scarier atmosphere and action in what look to be the best survival horror games in years, Until Dawn is more of a movie-horror game.

Sony has specifically stated that the game, which uses the PlayStation Move peripheral, will feature "all the elements you'd expect from your favorite teen horror movies." The game will have a "funny" script, be "sexy and scary," and feature a "beautiful young cast." Judging from today's trailer, there are also an elements of the Saw movies thrown in. Essentially, Sony is trying to make a Cabin in the Woods for the PlayStation 3.

It sounds like a recipe for disaster, but bringing the teen slasher genre to video games also sounds fun. The formulaic structure and ridiculous tropes should fit nicely in a playable context.