Sony To Reveal The PlayStation 4 On February 20


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Well, this was unexpected.

After numerous leaks and a suggestion that the reveal would happen in May, Sony is now teasing that the official unveiling of the next PlayStation will happen sooner than anybody thought.

In a blog post simply titled "See the Future," Sony posted the following video teasing an announcement for February 20:

Of course, we could all be looking far too much into this. Maybe this is the future of the PlayStation 3, or Sony will announce some kind of reboot for the Vita to make up for struggling sales. That doesn't appear to be the case, however, as the Wall Street Journal reports that Sony will indeed be unveiling the successor to the PlayStation 3 at the conference.

Sony is also sending out invites for the event with many industry figures placing their bets on a console reveal:

The event will reportedly be live streamed as well so Sony fans will be able to see the future of the PlayStation brand first hand. Expect new hardware and a few new games to go along with it. Don't hold your breath for a price or launch date. Those will come closer to or at E3 in June.