Sony To Revamp Playstation Plus Program? [Rumor]


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According to Eurogamer, several sources have confirmed that one of the segments in Sony's upcoming E3 keynote is going to be a complete revamp of their fairly successful Playstation Plus program. For those of you living under a rock, the PS Plus program is a paid program that gives you special access to Betas, discounts on content, and a ton of free games for the PSN. The program as it stands right now costs $49.99 for a full year of savings.

The revamp would consist of better free content to give more users a reason to sign up for the service. One of the ways that Sony will do this is by offering way more top tier or AAA titles to subscribers for free. they will also offer things to Vita users that are available to PS3 users like cloud saving and automatic updates. What looks like the biggest revamp is going to be the change from a pay once for the entire year system to a pay by the month scheme.

Here are a couple of options brought to life by Eurogamer:

"One possible tier would offer 61 new "A" quality games a year, but with only one PS3 release a week. Sony's suggested price would be a $7.99 (about a fiver) monthly fee, with three-month and yearly price plans also available. Another option offers 80 games a year, mostly "C" and "B" quality, for $10 a month (about £6). Titles would be at least a year old, although 10 full PS3 releases would be offered every week."

Eurogamer has also heard from a separate source that Sony has secured the cloud gaming services of either OnLive or Gaikai. If this is going to debut on the PS3, look for it to shoot ahead of the 360 in no time flat. This is a serious killer in my opinion.