Sony Revamps the Online PlayStation Store


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Last year, Sony revamped its storefront on the PlayStation 3. Though the interface was clean and intuitive, it also somewhat resembles the tile-based interface Microsoft had adopted for its Xbox 360 consoles. It features large images of new releases and popular games.

This week, Sony has rolled out a revamp of the PlayStation Store on the web, tuning it to more closely resemble the store on the PlayStation 3. The interface features a similar blocky interface, along with large ads for new titles or deals at the top of most pages. Users who log into the website with their PlayStation Network or Sony Entertainment Network accounts will be able to purchase content and see it appear on the "My Downloads" section of their consoles. The service isn't able to automatically download content remotely to a PlayStation 3 or Vita console, but Sony stated that feature and others are on the way.

For all the inevitable complaints that Sony will get due to the change, the interface actually is an improvement. Information on titles is clearly displayed, including any PlayStation Plus discounts available. It is also easy to organize titles with the filters on the left side of the page to find a selection of games or movies that are tailored to individual tastes or needs.

Sony released a video detailing the new interface, but it's all pretty self-explanatory.