Sony Captures The Essence Of Being A Gamer


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Video games are a wholly unique medium that gives players something that no other art form can deliver - interactivity. It's that interactivity that is so often underplayed in games as more and more AAA blockbusters aim to provide a Hollywood experience instead of a gaming experience. Is there anyone that can remind us of the reason we play games?

Sony's new ad campaign - titled "Greatness Awaits" - answers this question and then some. It perfectly encapsulates what makes the gamer. It's actually kind of awe inspiring to be honest.

Sony's "Michael" ad helped to define the joy of gaming, but this latest ad really nails why this medium is so special to so many people. Sure, it's a little weird to get worked up over an advertisement, but maybe we can hold back the cynicism just this once.

As an added bonus, here's fictional executive Kevin Butler's E3 2010 speech that echoes much of the above: