Sonja Morgan Is Furious With Ramona And Bethenny For Talking Behind Her Back

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Sonja Morgan is shocked and hurt that the women she thought were her friends spent a good deal of time talking about her behind her back.

Sonja Morgan invited the ladies from The Real Housewives of New York on a trip to Turks and Caicos to celebrate the end of her bankruptcy case. In a blog post on Bravo, Sonja Morgan expressed disbelief that the women so easily betrayed her.

Sonja Morgan said, “They just can’t be happy for me and feel the need to continuously try to keep me down. But despite their negativity, I am still in my house, raising a beautiful, smart daughter, and flourishing professionally.”

She added, “I cannot believe that conversation between Bethenny and Ramona! Watching the two of them coming together to express concern for my well-being–while not discussing the issues with me–was shocking."

She also stated, "They both continuously said that they were concerned for me and that I have a drinking problem.”

I thought every "real housewife" has a drinking problem. Anyway, Sonja Morgan is not thrilled that the status quo talking-behind-peoples'-backs think happened to her this time.

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Besides, Sonja Morgan thought that she had rid the house of those drinking rumors in Atlantic City.

Sonja Morgan continued, “Ramona knows me very well, which is why I am so hurt hearing her say to Bethenny that I am my own worst enemy. She is validating what the other girls are saying when she knows very well that I am a responsible person. She even said when we were alone that the other girls have no idea what they’re talking about!"

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She added, "And yet when she is talking to Bethenny, she gives a completely different story. That was tough to watch.”

Friendship is a fickle thing, I guess. Especially if you're on a reality show.

What do you think will happen on the reunion show between Sonja Morgan and the women she thought were her friends?

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