Sonic Dons Link's Green Hat And Tunic In Lost World DLC


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Last year, Nintendo announced that Sonic Lost World would be getting two free Nintendo-themed DLC packs. The first was based on Yoshi's Island and the second was teased to be based on The Legend of Zelda. Now it's official - The Legend of Zelda Zone is the next piece of DLC headed to Sonic Lost World.

IGN reports today that The Legend of Zelda Zone in Sonic Lost World will be a bit different from the Yoshi's Island DLC. For starters, it won't be as linear as the previous DLC. Sonic will be able to explore an open Hyrule Field and even dive into a dungeon full of enemies, heart containers and other secrets. Sonic even looks different as he'll be wearing Link's trademark green hat and tunic throughout the level.

Of course, Sonic won't be the only in the level wearing the green hat and tunic. Link from Skyward Sword will appear every now and then on his red Loftwing. This does present some weird discrepancies, however, as the Hyrule Castle is from Twilight Princess and the enemy models are pulled from Ocarina of Time. It's probably best not to think about such things though and just enjoy the fanservice.

If you want to learn more about the new crossover, here's a 5 minute developer commentary with footage from the DLC:

The Legend of Zelda Zone comes to Sonic Lost World tomorrow, March 27, and it's completely free.

Image via IGN