Soleil Moon Frye: It's A Boy for Punky Brewster Star

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Soleil Moon Frye--sometimes still known as the child star who played the lead role on Punky Brewster--became a mom for the third time with the birth of her new baby boy on Monday. She and hubby Jason Goldberg are already the parents of two daughters. Poet Sienna Rose is 8 and Jagger Joseph Blue is 5. Given the couple's daughter's names, people are no doubt wondering what this baby boy might be called.

"It's so funny: [My daughters] are like, 'If it's a girl we're gonna dress her up and if it's a boy, we're gonna dress him up and paint his nails!' They're just so excited," Soleil said during an interview with ABC News a few months ago. "They're touching my belly. They're so into it! It's so cute."

Their baby boy weighed in at a hefty 9+ pounds and measured 21 inches long. Soleil took to Twitter on Tuesday to announce the family's exciting news.

Even by Wednesday it was clear the new baby euphoria hadn't worn off yet. Even with two other children at home, Soleil was clearly enjoying some blissful new mommy time.

And later that same day she mercilessly teased her fans and friends with a tweet about their choice of a name for their new baby boy, along with a link to her blog where she revealed the official moniker.

Welcome to the world, Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg.

So how would you like that label for the rest of your life? Yay or nay?

Congratulations are in order--regardless of public opinion--to Soleil Moon Frye, Jason Goldberg and the rest of their beautiful family on the birth of Lyric Sonny Roads Goldberg.

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