Solange Knowles: Why She Attacked Jay Z


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Every family has problems from time to time and right now, Solange and Beyoncé Knowles are struggling to get along. The sisters recently attended the Met Gala after-party on May 5, where they ran into some trouble.

After leaving the party, Solange attacked Beyoncé's husband Jay Z on an elevator. The attack was caught on video, but the family tried to keep it a secret. In the video Solange and Jay Z exchange words before Solange starts kicking and slapping the rapper.

Jay Z did not fight back and eventually a bodyguard stepped in and pulled Solange away from Jay Z. Beyoncé was present during the attack but did not interfere.

After the video was released, people immediately began to wonder why Solange was so mad at Jay Z and had attacked him. A source close to the family claims that Solange was angry that Jay Z was paying too much attention to designer Rachel Roy.

Roy was once married to Jay Z's former business partner, Damon Dash. The two have since divorced. When Solange saw Jay Z and Roy getting close, she warned Roy to back off. When Roy didn't stop talking to Jay Z, Solange got angry and the two started to get physical. The source claims that Jay Z and Beyoncé both tried to intervene and were able to get Solange to leave the party before things got any worse.

It is still not clear why Solange turned her anger towards Jay Z or what he said to make her become so aggressive. All three family members have kept quiet about the fight and Beyoncé seems to a little embarrassed by the incident.

It is also not clear if Beyoncé is mad at Solange or Jay Z or both. Solange removed a photo of Beyoncé from her Instagram a few days after the incident, and while Beyoncé and Jay Z have been seen together since the incident, Solange and Beyoncé have not.

What do you think of the attack and do you think Beyoncé is mad at her sister?

Image via Wikimedia Commons