Sofia Vergara Stuns In New Movie, Real Life

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Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon have a hilarious new movie coming out called Hot Pursuit.

In the movie, Witherspoon plays a straight-laced, by-the-book cop. She is assigned to transport and protect Sophia Vergara's character, who is the wife of a drug boss, to where she is scheduled to testify against an even bigger and more prominent drug boss.

The problem is, all of those who are supposed to testify have been killed.

Sofia Vergara is so funny as an obnoxious, loud-mouthed handful for Witherspoon's character.

This movie. It just looks so great.

Are guys ready for this???!!!haha! @reesewitherspoon

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Apparently she is also difficult to hang out with.

Witherspoon said of life with Sofia Vergara, "Literally every person stares at [Sofia Vergara]. Men fall on the floor; women drop their purses. It's like a commercial! Her hair is in slow motion."

Apparently, Sofia Vergara's husband-to-be, Joe Manganiello agrees that she is amazingly beautiful. But he likes her just the way she is, despite reports that she gets a lot of things "done" to maintain that beauty.

A source reportedly said, “[Joe] has told Sofia Vergara he doesn’t want her to have any more [cosmetic procedures] because he thinks she looks perfect just as she is."

But, they continued, “Sofia thinks it’s hilarious because he has no idea what goes into maintaining her picture-perfect looks and it’s gets harder as she gets older, there’s no way she’ll stop her maintenance routine of procedures, including botox, fillers and lasers.”

Whether or not this is true, it's obvious that Sofia Vergara puts a lot of effort into looking flawless, and that, along with her immense talent, is what keeps the bills paid!

What do you think of Sofia Vergara's new movie? Are you excited to see it?

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