Sofia Vergara: Protesters Gather At 'Magic Mike XXL' Premiere to Slam Actress Over Frozen Embryos

Pam WrightLife

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Sofia Vergara may have been all smiles on the red carpet of the Magic Mike XXL premiere on Thursday, but protesters tried to throw a wrench on the festivities by slamming actress for her wish to discard her frozen embryos with ex Nick Loeb.

Sofia Vergara, who is engaged to Magic Mike co-star Joe Manganiello, was lambasted by pro-life protesters at the event, according to TV Guide.

While together, Vergara and Loeb froze two (female) embryos with her eggs and his sperm.

After the two broke up, Sofia decided she wanted to terminate the frozen eggs, but Loeb initiated a very public fight to keep them.

Apparently, their contract specifies that both parties must agree to move forward with implanting the embryos or decide jointly to terminate.

Loeb wants to take custody of the embryos, implant them in a surrogate and raise the two females with or without Vergara’s support. Loeb expressed his desire to raise his daughters in a New York Times op-ed, noting that he believes life begins at conception.

Pro-lifers gathered at Thursday's premiere blasting Sofia Vergara with signs that read, “Unfreeze your daughters! Unfreeze your heart!” and “Lives created should be lives protected!"

TMZ also reports that Sofia Vergara's Hollywood Walk of Fame star was defaced with a Sharpie-written #EmbryoDefense.

Pam Wright